Name Global Theeni
Managed By Smitha Kuttayya Boppanda,
Address 'B' Samanvitha Garden Saibaba Temple street Injambakkam Chennai
Location chennai,
Contact 9444385425,


Global Theeni is a product that has been refined and polished over many years now. I grew up in Coorg..the land of coffee, beautiful homes, food and hospitality. My passion for baking and subsequently, cooking, stemmed from watching my grandmother in the kitchen. One of a breed, she would bake in hand-made ovens and sand pits. She set jelly even before refrigerators made their appearance in Coorg! My recipes are all variations of the kind of wholesome baking that I grew up being exposed to. My recipes have now expanded to include healthy varieties of the standard baked goods, with customization available for each dish. While most of my recipes of cakes are with eggs, i have adapted most of them to be just as good without eggs. The food cooked here is prepared at home and tastes as such. Hygiene is priority and any preservatives or chemicals are a complete NO. I have made a sincere effort to cater to the Vegan, GlutenFree and SugarFree pallet while avoiding sugar substitutes and the like. I have been baking for orders in Chennai since 2000 and added catering to my repertoire in 2011. I pride myself on my effort to make my packaging totally environmentally friendly. To this effect, only tin or steel boxes are used here for packing. They are all packed in cloth bags too. While all of these add to my costs, i have been fortunate to be able to maintain good standards in the ingredients used and the packaging. These are a joy for my customers too and my pride too!