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1785 Coorg – Tipu’s diary in Kodagu

Author of the book

Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa

About the Book

“1785 Coorg. Tipu’s diary in Kodagu” traces the history of the Kodagu province to around the time of the Sultans in Mysore between 1761 and 1799. It records the conflict between the Kodava people of Kodagu and the invading Sultans in the small principality. The present work contains translated letters and journal notes written by Tipu himself, his historians, officers, the British and the Kodagu Raja.

The book begins with the rise of Haider Ali in Mysore. The Kodavas were able to maintain the independence of the principality for many years. But Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan interfered, desiring to take over Kodagu by all means possible. The Mysore Sultans attacked Kodagu and tried to take it many times. However, each time the Kodavas fought them successfully.

In 1782, the Desa Panchayat of Kodagu, a council of 12 Kodava leaders, elected one of the eldest among them Utta Nayaka (Nayakanda Uthaiah) as their leader.

Who was this Utta Nayaka? Who were the leaders of those times? Where were the Rajas of Kodagu?

1785 Coorg – Tipu’s diary in Kodagu

Tipu came to Kodagu at least twice, in the years 1784 and 1785. In 1784 Tipu came to Kodagu and stayed for a while before leaving. It was a very difficult time for the Kodavas at that time.

Tipu came to Talakaveri in December 1785 and camped in the region. He pretended to come in peace and then gathered all the assembled at Devati Parambu leading them away to Srirangapatna. Many who resisted were killed and some were imprisoned and forcefully converted to Islam.

A month later, Tipu Sultan wrote a letter to the Nawab of Kurnool saying that he had captured “40,000” Kodavas and got them converted into Islam at Srirangapatna. In 1792, 12,000 Kodava prisoners who had survived, managed to escape from Srirangapatna into Kodagu.

What all did Tipu do when he came to Coorg? What exactly happened at Devati Parambu? Is it all true? What does Tipu himself say? Does he claim to be guilty?

For answers, read the book “1785 Coorg”.

About the Author

Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa is a software engineer and amateur historian.

Publication History

This book was published by Codava Makkada Coota in 2018.

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