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Aal Potti


The term “Aal Potti” is referred to a Cupboard which is used to store prepared food and vessels. The Cupboard is kept against a wall in or near the kitchen.


The Cabinets are built in for food, cooking equipments, etc.,

These cupboards used to have a thin layer of mesh like covering which used to allow air to circulate in and out. Ancient days, the remaining hot food after the use and wet vessels were stored inside. Nowadays it is found rarely as we can find fridge in many house in Kodagu.

Materials made of

            The different types of wood is used in the planks and shutters

Tentative Period of Usage

            Since the 13th – 14th Century onwards, ever since houses are being built with wood and bricks, it seems to be in use as we find it in many Ainmanes

Tentative reason for extinct

            Still in Usage ,  replaced with modern more user friendly materials like Iron

Physically located

  • Old Independent Houses
  • Ainmanes

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