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Abbey falls

Abbey falls in Kodagu is a natural tourist attraction amidst the blanket of greenery. At about 6 kms from the Madikeri, Abbey falls also called as Abbi falls is an enchanting beauty. The roar of the water with the aroma of plantations is a delight in itself. It sparkles as if a stream of white pearls is running down a green wall at a great speed.

A number of small streams come together to form the sizzling cascade at Abbey Falls. The cascade gushes down a height of 70 feet to form a pool below that joins the River Cauvery. During the monsoon season, as the streams widen and the level of water increases, the rush down the cascade becomes thicker and lovelier to watch.


The first British chaplain of Coorg named this place Jessy Falls after his daughter. Post independence, the land came under the Government of India but the place surrounding the Abbey falls was covered in wilderness. Neravanda B. Nanaiah purchased the land from the Government and set up plantations all around the place, and the area has been private property since then. As the forests began to clear up, the natural beauty of the place came forth, exposing the alluring streams and waterfall to the tourists.


Hebbettageri village