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Addanda Cariappa

Addanda Cariappa former actor, singer,writer and theatre personality is the Member of Kendra Sahitya Academy and also won the Rajyotsava award. He is also a play writer, director, and film artist. Addanda Cariappa is a big name in Kodava language theatre. He has carved a niche for himself in the State Theatre. A multi-faceted talent, he is credited with giving a new dimension to Kodava theatre after Appacha Kavi



Addanda Anitha Cariappa


  • Studied at Cauvery College
  • School of Drama- Heggodu
  • Junior College- Ponnampet


  • He is the Member of Kendra Sahitya Academy
  • The Academy has scholars representing 24 official languages of the country. Every language is represented by five members and accordingly, the Academy has 120 members from 24 languages.
  • Transforming Kodava theatre into a vital link between Kodava and Kannada languages, he is also known for having made significant contributions to Kodava language, theatre, films etc.
  • He has also served as a Member of Karnataka Nataka Academy, Kodava Sahitya Academy and as Chairman of Kodava Sahitya Academy.
  • He has directed over more than 75 dramas in Kodava and Kannada, directed two Kodava films and a freelance journalist
  • Addanda Cariappa and his wife Anitha Cariappa were seen in the Kodava play ‘Baduk’ at Bhoomigeetha.



A Rajyotsava awardee, he has many other awards to his credit including the prestigious ‘Bhasha Samman Award’ given by Kendra Sahitya Academy