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Ajjikuttira Ainmane




The ainmane is of type Othe Pore with two sets of steps, one has coiled elephant trunks on both the sides of the step and another step is to the left of the veranda which leads to thethi. The yard in front of the ainmane is paved with black stone slabs.  Three onis can be found which leads to this ainmane.

This 7 roomed ainmane of Ajjikuttira okka is also called by the name “ Achu Nayakanda Balya Mane”. A beautifully whitewashed kallboti with a carving of standing Basava on top can be found in the front yard.

The door leading to the hall has got carvings of Gajalakshmi on top panel and capitols with carvings of lotuses, rotatable ring, etc., Aimaras can be found on both eastern and western sides of the veranda and also to the south.

The hall has cowdung washed mud floors with a thuliya to store paddy.


  • More than 200 years old
  • Renovated more than 100 years ago
  • This is the third ainmane as the first one was burnt down, second one was mund mane built by Achu Nayaka and the third one was built by Konageri Ajjikuttira Kalayya
  • The floor was cemented in the year 2000
  • Roof was tiled in 1964