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Ajjinikkanda Okka

About the Okka

There are two bhagas in this okka. This bhaga, Ajjinikkanda-1, that stayed in the old ainmane (rebuilt) is kula # 1. They are descendants of a Kadekanda man who mannk nindiya for the Ajjinikkanda okka and married an Ajjinikkanda girl according to the okka paraje custom.

The other bhaga, Ajjinikkanda-2, is Kula # 2 whose ancestor went away and built another ainmane in Chembebeliyur. There is no connection between the two bhagas  and Ajjinikkanda-2 has no thakkame rights. The ainmane that Ajjinikkanda-2 had was dismantled and they now live in separate houses. They do not join here for any festival and celebrate Karanang kodpa in one of their houses.. Only the kaimada is common for the two bhagas and members of Ajjinikkanda -2 visit it. The two bhagas however get together to form a team to play in the annual Inter-Okka Kodava Hockey Festival.






Ajjinikanda Devaiah

Eminent People



  • Ajjinikanda (Kokkengada) Initha