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Angakali or ANGAMURIPA (ಅಂಗ ಮುರಿಪ) is Performed by Kembatti poleyas. This happens usually for the death of our Pattedaaras (The eldest of the clan). The village Kembatti Poleyas will take the Mukkali (stool with three legs) and  keeps a lamp above it alongside a basket full of paddy and small basket of rice above it along with Coconut and a small iron rod. A clan member will give a white cloth to one of the poleyas who wears it and puts dance steps along with other poleyas for the chavu valaga (death music).


The Kembatti Poleya wearing white “Muri” is equal to the eldest son and he shaves his head, kuli k nippa (stand for ritual) until 11th day ceremony and also goes to TalaKaveri to keep pinda (Moksha to the soul).

Practically, most of our rituals, culture differs in every villages. However this is something which is extinct in most places in Kodagu.

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