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Appaneravanda Haridasa Appachha Kavi

Appaneravanda Haridasa Appacha Kavi was born on 21st September 1868, at Kirundaadu Village of Virajpet Taluk is one of the great Kodava Literatures. The contribution of Appacha Kavi to Kodava literature is enormous. He was a play writer, actor, and producer, director of dramas, a good singer, and poet. Appacha Kavi was a devotee of Lord Shiva; hence he is usually referred as Haradasa. He was the first and foremost play writer in kodava language. He passed away on November 21st 1944.



Appaneravanda Medayya


Appaneravanda Bollavva (Kabbachira)

Family Tree


  • Started his career at a very young age as a Volunteer at Virajpet Naad Chutchery and then worked in the police department for some time.
  • When he was transferred to Bagamandala, he met a vedic scholar, vaidyanatha Bhatta where in his association he was introduced to study epics, Puranas and Vedas.
  • In 1896, he was transferred to Madikeri and was appointed as manager of Gaddige.
  • He started acting in a drama company where he played a major role as a King in the play called Chandrahasa.
  • From 1904 – 1906 he wrote his first three plays – Yayaathi Raajanda NaatakaSree Subrahmanya Mahathmye, and Sathi Savithri in kodava language.
  • 1907 – He quit his supervision position and wrote a book called “ Sree Kaaveri Mahathmya”.
  • 1908 – Established a drama company consisting of about 22 artists.
  • Wrote kannada plays like Virata ParvaSati Sukanya, and Ghoshayathre
  • 1910 – Went back to his previous job at Bhagamandala and retired from this post at the age of 52
  • He had his own theatre troupe ‘Kannada Nataka Mandali’ which toured all over Kodagu and the neighbouring districts. He also wrote many devotional songs and performed Hari Kathas that he composed himself.