Arjuna Awardees

As a Community, Kodavas are known for their love of sports. While we have a large number of them representing the state and country in various sports and games, a few have been awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award by the Government of India, since 1973.

Mollera P Ganesh is the first kodava to have received this award.

A detailed list follows.

By year

  1. 1973          Mollera Ganesh                            Hockey
  2. 1978-79    C.C. Machaiah                              Boxing
  3. 1985          Maneyapanda Somaiah              Hockey
  4. 1988         Ashwini Nachappa                       Athletics
  5. 1996         Anjaparvanda Subbaiah              Hockey
  6. 1997         Reeth Devaiah                               Athletics
  7. 2012         Ashwini Ponnappa                       Badminton
  8. 2013         Joshna Chinnappa                        Squash
  9. 2015         M.R. Poovamma                           Athletics
  10. 2018         Rohan Bopanna                            Tennis

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