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Bacharanianda Iyamma Chengappa

Bacharanianda Iyamma Chengappa   

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Bottolanda Uttam Muthappa






Bacharanianda  (Pattada) S Akkamma


9th of October 1903


Born in Bellur village near Hudikeri, South Coorg on 9th of October 1903, as the son of Mr.B.Iyamma, who was a big landlord with a large family of 7 sons and 2 daughters.
Mr.B.I.Chengappa studied in the Central high School in Madikeri and stayed in the school hostel. After every vacation, his older brother and he used to walk all the way from Bellur to Madikeri as there was no mode of public transport in those days.
After finishing High school, he went on to completed his Teachers Training in Bangalore. In 1925, he started working as a Senior grade trained teacher in Madikeri.
He married Pattada S Akkamma, who was also a trained as a teacher in Bangalore. She was the President of the Mahila Samaj and later a Municipal Councillor.
Later on, he worked in Ponnampet in 1952 and then was transferred to the Somwarpet High School. In 1953, he went to Hudikeri as Headmaster in the high School there. He retired in 1958.
Mr.BI Chengappa was a devoted, honest and hardworking teacher, loved by all his students. In addition he was also a very popular Scouts teacher and served as the Commissioner of Scouts for Coorg for a couple of years.
He was one of the Committee members of the Coorg Education Fund, regularly attending all the meetings in Madikeri.

The high point in his career came when he was recognized for all his contribution in the field of education and overall development of the Youth of Coorg, by being honored nationally with The Presidents Award in 1958 for the Best Teacher in Karnataka, received from the then President of India, Dr.Rajendra Prasad at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi in the presence of the Vice-President, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, the Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and all the other cabinet ministers, as part of the Republic day Celebrations that year. He was the first Kodava to receive this award 


  • Presidents Award in 1958 for the Best Teacher in Karnataka