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Bachettira Ainmane


Kadanga Murur


The ainmane is of typemund mane and has got two roofs with a wide cement base which is higher than the ground level. The thethi is three steps above the cement base.

There is an outlet to the left of the steps for the water to flow out of the house. The veranda is in the middle of the house with two doors leading to Nellakki. Cemented pillars can be found in the mund.

The doorframe and window are carved with geometrical designs and capitols with simple and beautiful carvings.

We can also find a Pathaya made out of heavy woods in the attic.  A thuliya is kept in the hall which has cow dung washed mud floors.


  • About 250 years old
  • This is the second ainmane and there is no detail on the first one.
  • The veranda was cemented about 60 years ago and mund was cemented about 10 years ago. Other rooms have cow dung washed mud floors.
  • The roof was tiled about 100 years ago.