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Ballachanda Ainmane


Kadanga – Murur


The entrance to the Mund Mane of Ballachanda Okka is through a bridge over a walkway, with a large tiled roofed cement structure with a gate. A room can be found to the left of the main door from the verandah. This main door in the verandah has got beautiful carvings and also a simple window can be found with bars in it. The pillars are made of stone with cream paint on it. The Nellakki has got – a wooden Bhasma kutt with ash from Baithurappa temple, a small triangular gud to keep Lamp and a photo of Subedar Ballachanda Madaiah Belliappa. The road to the left of the ainmane has a tomb of Ballachanda Ponnappa with a tank to the right side.

There are 14 rooms in the ainmane, with 3 Kall Botis, one in the front with a basava carved on top, second one is in the Kaimada enclosure and the third one is in the entrance to the kala.

The flooring were redone with – granite and marble on the steps, modern tiles in the veranda, ceramic tiles in the passage and Kanni Kombare, black paved stone to the kitchen passage, cow dung washed mud floors in all the other rooms.


  • More than 200 years old
  • This is the original ainmane which renovated in the year 2003
  • Roofs were tiled about 150 years ago