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Ballachanda Kavya Madappa ( Bottolanda )

Kavya Madappa an entrepreneur from Madikeri, Kodagu. She is the founder of two successful businesses. ‘Amanvana Spa Resort”, an eco-friendly resort in Coorg, and ‘Bluecat paper’, which manufactures Tree-free and handmade paper.



Kavya started Amanvana in 2009, located on the banks of River Kaveri, in Kushalnagar, Kodagu. 
Amanvana has over 300 species of flora and fauna and is home to 65 species of birds. The resort is known for its `less is more` concept and advocates the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Bluecat Paper

Kavya realised the massive usage of paper in her business and how trees were being cut to make conventional paper. Unhappy by this, she embarked upon her journey to find means of making sustainable paper without cutting down trees.
She took multiple papermaking courses; a few that included a course at Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute in Jaipur, Pondicherry, and at Pune to learn more about papermaking and its clean uses. Thereafter, more research followed, based on residual fibers, textile waste rags, mulberry; including discarded coffee husk from Coorg. The potential of this was tested to be used for paper making.
Armed with this information, and the success of her research; that paper could be made without cutting trees, she launched her venture, ‘BlueCat Paper’ in early 2018.
The vision was threefold.
Save trees, reduce waste, and save water!
Bluecat paper factory is located at Peenya, Bangalore, and collects cotton rags and other farm waste within a radius of 60 km.
The idea of saving trees was too awe-inspiring for Kavya to be daunted by the many challenges she was going to face.
At Bluecat Paper, the paper is made using secondary agro and industrial waste like cotton rags, flax, lemongrass, mulberry, rice stubble, coffee husk, tea leaves, banana stumps, coconut husk. The new addition is elephant poo collected by nearby sanctuaries in Coorg
In addition, Kavya is a planter and owns a Coffee estate near Cargunda village in Coorg.



Bottolanda Mittu Chengappa


Bottolanda Yeshie Chengappa


Nikhil Reddy


Ballachanda Ishaan Cariappa


School  St josephs convent Mercara,
Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from St Joseph’s in Bengaluru,
CA articleship and internship at SBB Bilimoria and Ram Mohan and Company
Papermaking course at Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute in Jaipur
Papermaking at Handmade center in Auroville, Pondicherry


She worked for 6 years at the Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING) Bank. Here, she was taking care of insurance services.
She has won various accolades for handling investments and insurance services.
She was the first to qualify for the Million dollar round table conference held in the USA from ING ( India)
Subsequently, she qualified for 2 more in the following years.


Founder – Amanvana Spa Resort
Founder- Bluecat Paper. Tree free


Design, Travel, and Literature