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Ballachanda Okka

About the Okka

When their ancestors were living in the urr guppe, Baithuracha came here looking for water. He struck his bal kathi in the ground and got water, and a tank was built at that spot. At that time, an old man from this okka (referred to as Balya Acha) who was grazing cattle gave Baithuracha a place to stay. So this house was called Balya Achanda mane, which became Ballachanda.


Utha Nayaka of Beppunad (who was given King Dodda Virappa’s daughter Neelammaji in marriage) set fire to the Ichettira ainmane because of enmity. Two infants of the Ichettira okka were saved by servants and taken to the Ballachanda house where they were brought up. They revived the Ichettira okka, since the ancestors of the Ichettira okka and of the Ballachanda okka were like brothers. Therefore, there are no intermarriages between these two Okkas.

Ballachanda Appayya died in the war at Thomara between the armies of Dodda Viraraja and Malabar’s Koteangadi Vira Varma (who was invited by Uthu Nayaka). Apayya’s brother Aiyappa continued the okka. Once when Aiyappa went hunting with his friends Cholanda Karicha and Codanda Appayya, he was accidentally shot by Codanda Appayya who got scared and absconded. Karicha brought Aiyappa home and helped him recover. These two friends became inseparable since then. Even now when the Cholanda okka has Karanang kodpa they offer edeto Ballachanda Aiyappa.





Eminent People


Ballachanda Darshan Devaiah


Ballachanda Len Aiyappa

Ballachanda Aman Poovaiah

Reeth Abraham(Ballachanda)

Deepthi Bopaiah ( Ballachanda )


Wing Commander Ballachanda C Karumbaiah

Ballachanda Chengappa Mudayya