Barre Meen

Barre Meen is an aquatic animal which grows up to a meter in length and is found in many parts of India, Nepal, china, Bangladesh and srilanka.  Adults are dark brown in colour with faint black bands visible across its entire body. Males and females both help to construct a nest out of water vegetation during breeding time. Eggs are guarded by both parents. Fry are reddish orange and are guarded by both parents until they turn greenish brown at around 5–6 cm.


Barre Meen


Comman Name

Ophiocephalus striatus

B0tanical Name

snakehead murrel

chevron snakehead


It is common in freshwater plains, where it migrates from rivers and lakes into flooded fields, returning to the permanent water bodies in the dry season, where it survives by burrowing in the mud.


It preys on frogs, water bugs, and smaller fish, and it will attack anything moving when breeding.


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