Bayavanda M Monnappa

Bayavanda M Monnappa (Sunil) is an eminent entrepreneur from Bangalore.


Father: Bayavanda Muthappa (Ravi)

Mother: Bayavanda (Mookonda) Minny Parvathi

Wife: Bayavanda (Bachetira) Pragathi


  • Monnappa went to school at VVS High School and MES PU College.
  • At the Karnataka state-level, he obtained the 10th rank in PUC (PCMB).
  • He also obtained the 17th rank in the CET Medical entrance exam and the 33rd rank in the CET engineering entrance exam at the state-level.
  • Monnappa went on to study Computer Engineering at National Institute of Technology Karnataka (Surathkal) and MBA-PGPX (Executive Postgraduate Programme) at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.


  • Monnappa Bayavanda is the chief operating officer (COO) at BHIVE Technologies/BHIVE Workspaces, a leading Bengaluru-based enterprise which hosts many hundreds of companies at their facility across locations and manages several tens of thousands of shared workspace.
  • Monnappa Bayavanda was the former head of category management at Amazon India. Previously, he was a solutions architect in i2 technologies (later JDA software and Blue Yonder).

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