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Beedha Changrandi

Beedha Changrandi

We, the Kodava tribe, being hardcore farmers, treat the Earth as our mother. 3 days in a year our tribe would not hurt the Earth by digging, ploughing or any other way.


This ritual was followed to see that the Earth, our mother, being a woman, was respected during her periods, by not straining her!

Menstruation is a sign of fertility and it is not only confined to the humans. The heavenly Mother who looks after all beings on Earth also goes through this phase of menstruation once in a year!

During this time it is believed that Mother Earth or the Supreme Mother Herself menstruates.

The traditional belief behind this celebration is that our Mother Earth is a fertile woman as She germinates and grows crops like any woman who gets pregnant and bears children. Thus, beda changrandi symbolises the phenomenon of an ancient agricultural concept.


This is believed to be on the changrandi and lasts for the  first 3 days of the Kumbyar month as per Kodava lunar Calendar.


Details yet to be documented 

One of the Baloo paats  sung during the Bédha Changrandhi celebrations is called as boomi thayek patta kattuva paat”