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Biddanda Uttam Ponnappa

Biddanda Uttam Ponnappa is an actor from Ammathi,Kodagu. He appeared in many Kodava and Kannada movies and TV serials. Apart from being an actor he also writes short stories and he has a passion for photography.



Biddanda Ganesh Ganapathy


Biddanda Prema


Schooling- Good shepherd’s Convent,Ammathi


  • Apart from acting in movies he also appeared in AD film for Vridhi in Garuda Mall, Bangalore 2011.
  • AD film for Coorg Tourism department in 2018


  • 1998   Ainmane – Kodava TV serial
  • 2003  Yaru  – Kannada Short Movie
  • 2010  Sneha na preethi na  –  Kannada Short Movie
  • 2010 Na puttna Mann  –  Kodava Film
  • 2015  Neenena  – Kannada Short Movie
  • 2018  Mestru Devaru –  Kannada Movie
  • 2019
    • Mang0 man – Kannada Short Movie
    • KODAGRA SEPAYI  – Kodava feature film
    • AD film for: Bangalore Times and Vijaya karnataka
    • 1st ever experimental kodava short film with theatre effect: BAAVA BATTEL 
  • 2020 Tie Changa-4 –  Kodava Web series: