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Bollajira B Aiyappa

Bollajira B Aiyappa from Hudikeri is the president and founder member of Codava Makkada Coota. He takes the initiative to organize many events to preserve the culture and traditions of Kodava.



Bollajira Bopaiah(RTd Sub Inspector)


Bollajira(Ajjamada) Yashodha




  • Dechamma
  • Bopanna


  • B.Com –Field Marshal Cariappa College-Madikeri
  • CA-Mangalore University-Mangalore


  • He is the founder member of Codava makkada coota which was registered as “Codava Makkada Coota” Trust on 18th Feb 2013.
  • Codava Makkada Coota was born to preserve Kodava Traditions, culture,language,arts, dance and other practices among Kodava children.
  • The organisation conducts workshops for Kodava children. They have also been responsible for naming prominent roads in Kodagu.
  • The organisation took the initiative to construct the Sq leader Ajjamada Devaiah’s statue in Madikeri bus stand. Codava coota is also striving,at the DC office, towards the preservation of Kodava Martial Community’s right to keep arms.
  • Many books were also released by Codava Makkada Coota.
  • He was the director of Kodava Samaja association. He was appointed as a director thrice for Madikeri Kodava samaja.
  • He was the director of district journalists Association
  • In 2007 he was the director of Field Marshal Kodendera M Cariappa Kodavakeri- Madikeri
  • He was the Director of Old students association FMKMC and also the Director of Bollajira Okka
  • He was the publisher for Kavery time’s daily news paper. Presently he is the member of the Kodava Sahithiya academy