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Bolle Kall-Toddy

Bolle Kall

Bolle kall (toddy) is served as neera  (a sweet, non-alcoholic beverage derived from fresh sap or kall (a sour beverage made from fermented sap, but not as strong as wine). Toddy is a popular drink in rural parts that is frequently consumed


A container is fastened to the flower stump to collect the sap. The white liquid that initially collects tends to be very sweet and non-alcoholic before it is fermented.Palm sap contains natural yeasts, which perform the fermentation of glucose to alcohol, which subsequently converts the alcohol to acetic acid (vinegar). Optimal consumption time is one day after tapping, The wine may be allowed to ferment longer, up to a day, to yield a stronger, more sour and acidic taste .when you leave it for too long, it becomes increasingly sour, but fermenting for too long will result in vinegar rather than wine.


  • In some areas of India, palm wine is evaporated to produce the unrefined sugar called jaggery. Palm wine is also rich in potassium.
  • Toddy is mixed with rice dough and left over night to aid in fermentation and expansion of the dough causing the dough to rise overnight, making the bread soft when prepared
  • It is also used in the preparation of a soft variety of Sanna’s in parts of Karnataka.