Bollera Jajie Mandanna

Bollera Jajie Mandanna was born in 1923, Madikeri Kodagu. She was an MLC and the first-ever woman chairperson of the Consumer Protection Board. She was one of the outstanding Kodava women of the 20thcentuary. She was a very important pioneer in consumer protection in India. Beyond that, she was internationally admired for leadership that was respectful, calm and cheerful yet firm and highly persuasive. She was remarkably unselfish in carrying out her public missions.



Bollera C Mandanna


Bollera Ashok Mandanna

Bollera Bharath Mandanna

Pattamada (Bollera) Sukanya Belliappa


  • She was a pioneer in the consumer protection movement and held many important posts.
  • She served the Kodava community as the president of the Bangalore Kodava Samaja.
  • She took a Kodava cultural troupe to Delhi which performed in the national capital before a VIP audience.
  • Before moving to Mysuru, Jajie lived in Bengaluru with her famous son and theatre personality Ashok Mandanna.


  • In 1970 Ms. Mandanna initiated the Karnataka Consumer Service Society in Bangalore and soon after helped found the India & rsquo; s first Consumer Protection Board.
  • She wrote & ldquo; The Indian Marketplace & rdquo; one of the first books for consumer education in schools.
  •  She served as a remarkable MLC from 1976 to 1982.
  • Along with other Indian consumer leaders, she advanced Indian and international issues to strengthen the world consumer movement now helping people in 120 countries


  • She was 94 when she died in the year 2016. Her excellent work in the field of consumer awareness will always be remembered



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