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Bollera Okka

About the okka

Bollera Okka-Bollera might have been so named because the okka was known for its fair (boỊỊe) women.       

There are three BoỊỊera bhagas which might have been together long ago. They have no relationship with each other now and do not observe mutual theeke. However, they have never inter-married. They are BoỊỊera-1 (this bhaga) in Theral, Bollera-2 in Permaḍ-Kutta (Choorikaḍ), and Bollera-3 in KaỊakeri-Niḍugaṇe (near GaỊibeeḍu).

The old ainmane of Bollera-2 fell many years ago. The walls and steps (flanked on both sides by low carved rises) of the old ainmane are still standing. That area is believed to be haunted by ghosts that cause bad things to happen to those who go there – who get possessed, talk in old Kodava thakk and scold.

Eminent people


Bollera Ashok Mandanna


Bollera Jajie Mandanna

Civil Service

Bollera C Cariappa


Bollera Suman Seethamma