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Boppanda okka

About the Okka

Boppanda okka is believed to be descended from Boppa Deva, a Chengaḷva king of Koḍagu, who along with the Chengaḷva king Soma Deva went to greet the Hoysaḷa King Someshwara in Ramanathapura around 1252 .


Kulletira, Ammanḍa and Boppanḍa ajjas were great friends and would sometimes stay in the Kulletira house. Once, in a mad frenzy, Kulletira Ponnaṇṇa ajja killed Boppanḍa Kuttannajja (son of karaṇava Uthayya). Kuttannajja became a kuḍi beera.

Another story of this okka is believed that Kulletira Ponnanna insulted the Kaḷeghat thanthri whom he brought to consecrate the Bhagavathi temple (which was rebuilt after it was destroyed by Tipu’s soldiers). Angered by this, the thanthri cursed Ponnanna, and as a result, Ponnanna suffered from fits of rage. The king who knew this asked Ponnanna’s friends, ajjas of the Ammanḍa, Boppanḍa and Kombanḍa (Gouda) okkas to keep watch over him. Once when the Kulletira, Ammanḍa and Boppanḍa ajjas were all sleeping at the Kulletira house, Ponnaṇṇa got into a rage and killed the Boppanḍa and Ammanḍa ajjas. Hence, they do not intermarry between Kullettira and Boppanda Okka also they do not sell or buy land from them.

There were three brothers in this okka. One settled in Napoklü (Poyyangeri), another in Paḷḷiraṇé in Napoklu, which is another kuthi/patte. This is their common ainmane. The third brother kuthik nindiya to a bhaga of Paradanḍa okka. Boppanḍa-2, another bhaga of the okka went from here to Nangala and built an ainmane there but they do not have much contact with this okka.





Eminent People




  • Boppanda Jolly Bopaiah