Boppanda Reema Appachu

Boppanda Reema Appachu, a famous sportsperson from Kodagu is an International Throw ball player. She is currently playing for the National throw ball team. she works for a prestigious consulting firm in Bangalore. She aspires to promote the game and inspire youngsters to take up the game.



Boppanda B Appachu(Jeppu)


Boppanda(Anjaparvanda) S Seethamma


  • Graduated from Christ College, Bangalore
  • Completed her MBA from United Business Institute Brussels, Belgium


  • She represented India in about 5 tournaments and has been playing for the Counrty for the last 2 years.
  • She represented India in the South Asian tournament on 29th March and won against Bangaladesh.
  • She participated in the India Thailand International Throw ball tournament which was held from 16th to 18th September 2018.


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