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Bothh Kuthuvo


Kodava families before the Theerthodbhava would do “Bothu Kuthuvo” to their paddy field, house, cattle shed and Kala to claim the hold on these as their property.

6 feet tall bamboo poles or in some places Kaanda plant is used with a creeper fixed on it in a ring form. While planting Bothu, people shout “Botho Nelalo Pandavo Kauravo, Kaando Kadro”


Ages ago, when Pandavas lost their kingdom they were wandering around the country, this is when they reached Talacauvery and met goddess Kaveramme. They plead Kaveramme to grant a land to them; Kaveramme agreed and said “As people have already started cultivating crops come next year during the time of Tula Sankramana”. Hearing this Kodavas approached goddess and requested her not to provide the land to Pandavas. But, Devi Kaveramme said that she had already promised Pandavas of giving them a land. She also said that there is a solution to this problem i.e. placing “Bothh” on all your properties.

Pandavas retured next year during the time of Tula Sankramana and asked Kaveramme about her promise. She said that she is aware of her promise and asked them to come next year, as all the Kodavas have placed “Bothh” in their properties and she cannot provide the land. This went on every year… this tradition is still continued and is called as “Bothh Kuthuvo”.