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Brigadier Kitianda Ganapathy

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Major General Kodandera Arjun Muthanna (Retd)


Brigadier Kitianda Ganapathy, MC, Indian Army Medical Corps, is the son of Calappa and Thangavva (Thamane Codanda,) sister of Dr Codanda Medappa) was born in Madikeri. After completing his schooling from Central High School, Madikeri he did his MMBS from Chennai



Kitianda Calappa


(Thamane Codanda,)


Dr Meena Thangamma ( Thamane Kodandera )


Ganapathy joined Army Medical Corps and participated in World War II. He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery while Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) of 2/3 Gorkha Rifles during operations in Italy.

His citation for Military Cross reads “Throughout the operations in Italy over the past year this officer has displayed a devotion to duty of the highest order. His gallantry, courage and initiative were quite outstanding and his own personal example was invariably an inspiration to all who worked with him, and without a doubt his untiring efforts saved many lives. On 15 Jan 1945 on the river SENIO while RMO of 2/3 Gurkha Rifles (Under 10 Indian Infantry Brigade/10 Indian Division/13 Corps) his RAP (Regimental Aid Post) was established in PIDEURA Sector, Italy. Two men were so badly wounded in a forward coy (company) area that they could not be evacuated. Capt Ganapathy immediately went forward through very heavy shell and mortar fire and due to his efforts alone these men were able to be taken back.”  Ganapathy continued serving in the Indian Army after independence and rose to the rank of Brigadier.

His wife, Dr Meena Thangamma (Thamane Kodendera) whom he met while doing their MBBS in Chennai was Chief Medical Officer of Consolidated Coffee, Pollibetta