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Brutal Murder of Diwan Chowrira Appanna by tyrant Lingarajendra

Brutal Murder of Diwan Chowrira Appanna by tyrant Lingarajendra

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Darshan Devaiah Kaiblira ( Nelji )


After the death of tyrant Veeraraajendra in 1809, his daughter Devammaji took over the Coorg throne and his son-in-law Basavalinga Raja from Sodhe kingdom was made Chief Diwan ( Minister ), as per Veeraraajendra’s deathbed will. Though few argued in favour of Veeraraajendra’s brother Lingarajendra to be the Chief Diwan instead of foreigner Sodhe Basavalinga , the Kodava Thakkas ( Leaders ) didn’t agree to change late Raaja’s deathbed will.
With disappointment and actually weeping like a child Lingarajendra met Diwan Chowrira Appanna on his way to Paleri . ”Come with me Lingarajendra , I will set you on the throne ” said Chowrira Appanna . Being a man of known integrity and considerable influence , Diwan Chowrira Appanna Anna’s proposal of making Lingarajendra as Chief Diwan was widely accepted by all Kodava Thakkas without opposition.

In 1811 Lingarajendra became the King of Coorg. Dewan Chowrira Appanna was bold enough to lecture the tyrant Lingarajendra whom he had placed on throne. When Lingarajendra proposed that his son be made the king after his death, Chowrira Appanna rejected this proposal as the son was minor and lacked political knowledge. One day Dewan Chowrira Appanna and his companions was seized by Lingarajendra’s African Siddi bodyguards. He was charged with treason. When Lingarajendra asked Chowrira Appanna to confess his guilt , Appanna said “I’m guilty indeed , of one crime, of having made a wretch like you , Raaja of Coorg “. Chowrira Appanna and his accomplices , was carried into the jungle . There they were nailed to some large trees and Chowrira Appanna was shot with arrows by Lingarajendra himself. In Gazzetteer of Coorg it is mentioned that , a large number of people , the families , and friends of Chowrira Appanna , were slaughtered on the occasion.
In the book Pattolapalame, it is written that Chowrira Appanna was alive for 15 days nailed to the tree with severely wounded by arrows shot at him . His last words were ” Naan Aalkh Madhdh Kettovadh Buttith Angarekh Madhdh Kettan-uh” meaning ‘instead of tying medicine to Banyan tree I tied medicine to nettle leaf plant’.

Chowrira Appanna’s wife was pushed to Holeya caste by Lingarajendra. The wife, pleaded for help with her brother Pattamada Chetticha Diwan. Knowing about this incident, Lingarajendra pushed Pattamada Chetticha Diwan to torturous prison. Chowrira Appanna’s wife died by starving for 6 days. Pattamada Chetticha Diwan died of disease immediately after his release from 3 months torturous prison.