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Anda Kethuvo – Bund trimming


A part of the Aipani the five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season. Ploughing is the process in farming, to loosen the soil. Sowing is the process of planting seeds. Bund trimming is the process of clearing weeds grown inside the bund on a paddy field.

Type of Work

After cultivation of plants, it is found that weeds start growing. To remove weeds bund trimming method is carried out.  Nowadays bund trimming machines are used to clear the area.

The weed growing usually arises when rice fields are not kept flooded continuously with water. Hence weeds should be eliminated so that they do not compete with rice plants by absorbing away the water and nutrients from them.

Bund trimming can be done manually by pulling up individual weeds by hands once they emerge. Another method is using Mechanical weeder, which is one of the simple methods. This machine has a rotating wheel mounted vertically in the metal plate that is pushed by hand along the ground.  The weeder churns up the soil and destroys weeds. The churned weeds are left in the soil to decompose so that it returns their nutrients to the soil.