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Real Time Calendar

The real time calendar with detailed birthdays death anniversaries festivals and other events are in real time calendar  on  www.

Desktop  Calendar  

The First Desktop Kodava calendar was created by Kodagu Heritage Pvt Ltd for the first time keeping Edamyar1 ( April 14th 2018) as the new year.

A symbolic solar calendar by the Kodava Tribes are deciphered here with the first day of the year as Edamyar 1( April 14th 2018).This day is also known as Bisu Changrandi wherin the agriculture cycle starts in Kodagu. On this day prayers are performed in the fields,cattle are yoked and the paddy fields are ploughed to symbollically mark the occasion.

         The Calendar deciphered the Kodava months and days  with the holidays pertaining to the Kodava Okka  



        Falling in the month of April- May it is the beginning of the New Year for the Kodavas. Edamyar 1 usually falls on April 14 or 15 depending on the star signs. This month attracts all type of agricultural works to be commenced 


        Falling in the month of May – June


         Falling in the month of June – July. July is usually the most rainy season in Kodagu. Aaipani-Five types of work is carried out in the paddy field during the rainy season like Bele uppuve(Ploughing), Bithe uduve(Sowing), Aand Kethuve (Bund trimming), Aage Pani (Picking seedlings) and Naati Pani (transplanting)


         Falling in the month of July – August. Kakkada starts on mid July .


         Falling in the month of  August – September. Kakkada ends on mid August and Kailpod is celebrated on 3rd September.


         Falling in the month of September – October


         Falling in the month of October – November. Kaveri Shankraamana is celebrated in this month


         Falling in the month of November – December. Puthari is celebrated in this month


          Falling in the month of December – January. Arabica coffee picking starts in this month 


           Falling in the month of January – February. Robusta picking starts in this month


           Falling in the month of February – March. Irrigation starts soon after the coffee picking during this period.


          Falling in the month of March – April. Inter Kodava Hockey namme is celebrated on this month.