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Location Nelji Features Achandira Ainmane is built on a high foundation with five steps leading up to the front yard and a Cowshed with a passage in the front of the Ainmane. Smoke stained gudi… read more »

Location PeggaỊa. Features Othe pore with a large roof. Steps from the yard lead to the middle of the verandah which has three pillars on either side of the steps. Ajjappa’s thand is kept in the hall. The… read more »

Location Balyamunḍoor (idegeri keri). Features Othe pore with two roofs, and a small verandah in the middle of the house, with steps leading to the middle of the verandah. Its facing the east direction. The verandah has… read more »

Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about… read more »

Location Kurchi Features The 8 roomed, Ajjamada Ainmane is west facing, as it is believed that in the past the king had asked them to build in this manner so as to look for enemies… read more »

Location Napoklu(Kangaṇangeri) Features Old other poré with two roofs and a high attic. There is a tiled lean-to supported on two pillars, over the steps. The house needs maintenance. The small hall has a guḍ and a hearth. It’s facing… read more »

Location Chikkamundoor Features The ainmane is of type Othe Pore with two sets of steps, one has coiled elephant trunks on both the sides of the step and another step is to the left of… read more »

Location Chembebelur Features The 10 roomed ainmane of Ajjinikanda Okka has Othe Pore, two Ubba stones in the entrance and two steps leading to the front yard. Nele hanging from the ceiling, Gajalakshmi hanging lamp… read more »

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