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Thethi Thethi is the narrow walk- way and is about one and half feet width. About They are found all around the outside walls of a house on its raised foundation, usually in the ainmanes…. read more »

Thombe Kann Small holes made in the walls of the house, aligned on facing walls in both east – west and north – south directions to allow free movement of air and allow cross ventilation…. read more »

Location Kavadi Features Othe pore with two roofs, angular supports to the roof in front, and a gate at the top of the steps to the verandah from the yard in front. The broad  verandah  has aimaras on… read more »

Location Kunjalageri Features All doors and windows are new and have hardly any carvings. It is facing the east direction. The floor is fully cemented. The roof was tiled in 1947. There are 10 number of… read more »

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