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Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about 150 to 450 years ago, and have evolved over a period of earlier times. 

Location Devanageri Features The 9 roomed ainmane of Allapanda Okka is the original ainmane which has got a very simple geometric design on the frame of the main door and small circular designs on the… read more »

Location Kedamullur Features The ainmane is of type Othe Pore with two roofs and 5 rooms including Pathaya. The verandah is open on 3 sides and has narrow pillars which extend the full breadth of… read more »

Location Murnad Badaga Features Othe pore with two roofs. The steps from the yard in front lead towards the right of the middle of the long verandah where there are many potted plants, some kept on… read more »

Location Botoli Features This is the 2nd Ainmane which was built after the first ainmane, a thatched one which was located behind this. The roof was tiled when built. The Ainmane is facing the east… read more »

Location Kiggal Features Othe pore with two roofs and angular supports for the lower roof. It is built on a high base, with six cemented steps leading up to the house from the yard. There is… read more »

Location Kadanga-Murur Features Othe pore. A lane with one bend and white-washed walls leads up to the house. It’s facing the East direction. The verandah has solid wooden pillars painted yellow, a solid aimara and a beautifully carved panel above… read more »

Location Maithadi Features Small othe pore. A modern house has been built to its right, adjoining it. The Ainmane is facing the east direction. There are three rooms, including a small kanni kombare, a kitchen and a… read more »

Location Kadnur Features Othe pore with a very high roof. A stone-paved lane from the fields below leads to the yard. Stone steps from the yard lead to the ainmane. Hanging from the ceiling in the verandah… read more »

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