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Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about 150 to 450 years ago, and have evolved over a period of earlier times. 

Location V.Badaga Features Neat, well-kept othe pore, with a thatched pora mane to the right. It’s facing the east direction. The verandah has a solid aimara, a simple door-frame for the door to the hall and a window, both… read more »

Location Kiggal (Bethri Post) Features Othe pore. The hall has a gud, thuk bolak and bhasma kutt. Simple lotuses are carved on the capitols and on the doorframe. There are five rooms including the kanni kombare and kitchen. Timeline The Ainmane… read more »

Location Bollarimaḍ Features Small othe pore in bad condition, with stone steps to the verandah. All the rooms were brought down. There is a triangular grid in the verandah whose walls are cracked and plaster is peeling. They fear… read more »

Location Marandoda Features Othe pore. Small house with two pillars painted blue. Peeli (peacock feathers for the peeliaat dance) are stored on the rafters near the ceiling of the verandah. The Ainmane is facing the east direction. Timeline The… read more »

Location Kirndad Features  The 12 roomed ainmane of Appaneravanda is of style “Mund Mane”, with stone pillars and cemented aimara The 12 roomed ainmane of Appaneravanda is of style “Mund Mane”, with stone pillars and cemented aimaras. The Kall boti… read more »

Location Besagoor Features Mund mane. The hall has a Gajalakshmi hanging lamp and a Kannambadi muḍip(bandara kept in a pot covered with cloth and tied up) which is taken to the Kannambadi Amma temple in… read more »

Location Besagoor Features The 8 roomed Ainmane of Bachamada Okka is the original ainmane, which has carved wooden support infront of the roof of Othe pore and an extension to the right which makes the… read more »

Location Kadanga Murur Features The ainmane is of type “mund mane“ and has got two roofs with a wide cement base which is higher than the ground level. The thethi is three steps above the… read more »

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