Almachanda Ainmane

  Location  Murnad Badaga Features Othe pore with two roofs. The steps from the yard in front lead towards the right of the middle of the long verandah where there are many potted plants, some kept on the aimara. In the hall are a hanging Lakshmi lamp, a small lamp and a Korthi thuuk. The Ainmane is facing the […]

Charimanda Ainmane

Location Chembebellur Features The 10 roomed, Charimanda ainmane is east facing and is located adjacent to the Kalthirike Eshwara temple in Chembebellur. The pillars to the left of the steps to the verandah are beautifully carved with simple designs and the capitols of these pillars have carvings of birds. The beautiful door frame is carved […]

Ajjettira Ainmane

Location Napoklu(Kangaṇangeri) Features Old other poré with two roofs and a high attic. There is a tiled lean-to supported on two pillars, over the steps. The house needs maintenance. The small hall has a guḍ and a hearth. It’s facing the east direction. There are large aimaras on both sides of the verandah and along the eastern wall of the hall. Timeline […]

Acharamada Ainmane

Location Balyamunḍoor (idegeri keri). Features Othe pore with two roofs, and a small verandah in the middle of the house, with steps leading to the middle of the verandah. Its facing the east direction. The verandah has three doors – one to the hall and a door to each of the two rooms on either side of […]

Achappanḍa – 1 Ainmane

Location PeggaỊa. Features Othe pore with a large roof. Steps from the yard lead to the middle of the verandah which has three pillars on either side of the steps. Ajjappa’s thand is kept in the hall. The direction of facing is east. There are three number of rooms. Timeline The roof was tiled when rebuilt, 40 years […]

Uddapanda Ainmane

Location Kavadi Features Othe pore with two roofs, angular supports to the roof in front, and a gate at the top of the steps to the verandah from the yard in front. The broad  verandah  has aimaras on three sides. The verandah has simple, solid, old aimaras on three sides, a doorframe carved with geometric designs and creepers, and capitols […]

Balekuttira Ainmane

Location Maithadi Features The rooms on the left and right of the mund can be accessed only from the outside. There is a door opposite the main entrance that leads from the mund to the back of the house. The rooms to the left and right of the mund continue to have access doors from the outside only, with no doors […]

Mundyolanda Ainmane

Location Chelavara Features Old house, with an extension to the right. Stag horns are fixed on the outside and inside of the kanni kambha in the veranda.  The narrow  nellakki nadu bade has a triangular niche for the sacred lamp, a hanging lamp and a bhasma kutt. There is an ale pore to the left of the ainmane. There is […]