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A cuisine of a particular place is largely influenced by the culture, customs and history of the place. Kodavas are generally non–vegetarian. Fish, meat and pork are therefore part of their daily diet. One aspect… read more »

Kumbala Curry (Sweet Pumpkin) is yet another favourite at Kodava breakfast table. The sweet Pumpkin is packed with nutrition and is a speciality for Kaveri Shankramana Ingredients Pumpkin-1 Kg (Green or Yellow)-Use a tender one… read more »

Nuchhi Kumm is a variety of kumm (mushroom) which are usually found in the coffee estates. They usually grow during the monsoon season. Ingredients: Nuchhi Kumm- 1kg                 … read more »

Ingredients Raw Rice Salt Madd thoppu extract Sugar or Jaggery Grated Coconut Madd thoppu extract Take a large pan half filled with water and place it on the stove on medium heat. When the water is… read more »

Madd thoppu is a medicinal plant (Justicia wynaadensis) which grows during monsoon. The extract of madd thoppu is used to prepare madd kool, madd payasa, madd puttu and many more dishes. Madd puttu Ingredients Raw… read more »

Mange Pajji is s spicy-sweet, cool and creamy mixture. One of the most rewarding dishes made from the mangoes during summer. Ingredients Mangoes– 2 nos (Skinned) Curry leaves- 1 string Green chilies – 2 Grated… read more »

Mara Kembe comes into its own from June to September. It is rich with nutrients and anti-oxidants. It was cooked and eaten to keep body temperatures stable during the cold weather that lasted for months in… read more »

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