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Introduction Muddi Chekke Curry is another delicacy from Coorg. The texture is so different and the cleaning process is abit messy and tedious but it is worth cooking this recipe. Ingredients 1 small raw Jackfruit tender and… read more »

Noolputt: Gadhala for every occasion in Kodagu be it Mangala, Naming ceremony, Engagement etc… The soft delicate strands of noolputtu can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ingredients 1 Cup –Noolputt Thari (Akki Thari) 2… read more »

Odeputt is cooked in an earthenware pan known as an “ode” it is made from an unfermented rice batter, seasoned with salt. What really makes it unique, however, is the seasoning that is applied to… read more »

Pandhi curry is an exotic and aromatic dish that forms an integral part of the Kodagu cuisine. Ingredients:                                   … read more »

Thaliya Putt is an authentic recipe from Coorg. Thalia putt is quite similar to sanna’s but the only difference is the addition of urad dal . Thaliya means plate in Kodava thak and since the putt… read more »

Thambutt is a speciality made with bananas, thambutt powder, coconut and sesame seed for Puthari.  The most essential part of this dish is the Thambutt powder or podi as we call it. Puthari is the… read more »

Therme toppu is known as bracken fieldheads .They are edible, and are considered a delicacy in Coorg. The tender shoots of this wild ferns are picked which appears in early spring as fiddlehead shaped shoots…. read more »

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