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Eminent People

Eminent People of Kodava tribe have contributed immensely towards the growth of the Indian nation, despite them being in small numbers. Their most significant contributions are in the armed forces and in sports. Originally being land-owning militiamen farmers from Kodagu, hence their traditional twin occupations were as agriculturists and as soldiers. The distinguished among them had been local chieftains, palace officials, officers of the Raja’s army and brave battle veterans, therefore invariably having attained fame in either government service or in the local army.

Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know 

Kotera Umavathi ( Baali) -Founder/ Focus Integrated Solutions is Women owned internationally certified Entrepreneur. Immence believer and Inspired by great thinking of Swamy Vivekanada.  The mantra behind my success is to win a customer away… read more »

Kotera Chinnappa was born in the year 1890. Career He started his career as a clerk at Village Cooperative Society and later on worked for the establishment of firms at Kodagu. Achievements Kotera Chinnappa became… read more »

Kotera(Chendrimada)Yamini Muthanna from kodagu is an exponent and teacher of Bharathanatyam and Yoga. Yamini has been trained in Bharatanatyam under her revered Guru, Dr.Vasundhara  Doraswamy. She is the Artistic Director of “Kalasinchanam Yogasthala Ancient Arts… read more »

Stories of Kullachanda Chondu, one of the Padebeeras of kodagu Chondu hailed from Ammathi-Nad. During the Raja’s time in the 18th century, he went round Coorg obtaining gifts from all the temples or temple chiefs. Later… read more »

Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda is a popular Dancer, Choreographer and Writer, and Singer Author of the page Meederira Toysi Dechamma About Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda is currently settled in Mysore along with her family. She… read more »

Kulletira Ponnanna was one of the greatest Kodava warriors. He fought many battles and had not lost a single battle from the year 1780 to 1788 during his tenure as military chief of his regiment. Achievements… read more »

Kulletira S Uthaiah is a famous Kodava sportsperson was an outstanding hockey player. He is the recipient of Ekalavya award, the highest sports honour accorded by the State Government. Achievements Mr. Uthaiah played for India… read more »

Kunjiyanda  Ayyanna was a national Athlete and a eminent sportsperson  who served in the army and later after resigning from the army joined the BEML Life Born 2 Aug 1929 Died 30- sept-1995 Family Father… read more »

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