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Eminent People

Eminent People of Kodava tribe have contributed immensely towards the growth of the Indian nation, despite them being in small numbers. Their most significant contributions are in the armed forces and in sports. Originally being land-owning militiamen farmers from Kodagu, hence their traditional twin occupations were as agriculturists and as soldiers. The distinguished among them had been local chieftains, palace officials, officers of the Raja’s army and brave battle veterans, therefore invariably having attained fame in either government service or in the local army.

Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know 

Ammatanda Raksha Changappa(PhD) from Kodagu is one of the best specialized Indian Dieticians-Nutritionist. She is a published nutrition author and nutrition panelist. She is a nutrition activist who has won many accolades and awards in… read more »

Anjaparvanda Subbaiah was Born in Madikeri . He is a famous Kodava sportsperson who won many awards. Family Father Anjaparvanda C Bopaiah Mother Anjaparvanda ( Maleyanda ) D Muthamma Wife Anjaparvanda ( Buttiyanda ) Preetha… read more »

Anjaparvanda(Mundanda) Kavitha Kariyappa from Kodagu is a police officer who is the Asst Commissioner Traffic & Planning, Bangalore City. Family Father  Mundanda Chinnappa(Murnad) Husband Anjaparvanda Sharan Cariappa Education  She completed BAllB from Bangalore national law… read more »

Apadanda T Raghu from Kodagu is an Indian director, actor, producer and Screenplay writer. He has worked in many industries like Kodava, kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.  He also made serials like Ainemane and Gejje-thandu in the Kodava language…. read more »

Appanderanda Yashwanth Kalappa a sportsperson from Kandangala was one among 15 Bike riders  from India to ride on the Himalayan Mountain ranges . Family Father Appanderanda Kalappa Wife Anitha  ( Kenjangada ) Children Gagana Roshni… read more »

Appaneravanda Haridasa Appacha Kavi was born on 21st September 1868, at Kirundaadu Village of Virajpet Taluk is one of the great Kodava Literatures. The contribution of Appacha Kavi to Kodava literature is enormous. He was… read more »

Appanervanda  Bopanna from Kodagu passed out as flying officer of the Indian Air Force (IAF) at Dundigal near Hyderabad on 15th December,2018. Family Great Grandfather Appanervanda Appacha Kavi Father Appanervanda Jagdeesh Mother Appanervanda Rukmini

One of the senior Army officers from Kodagu, Lieutenant General Apparanda Chengappa Aiyappa was born on 2 September 1913.  Apart from being a World War II hero and the first Indian Signal Officer in Chief,… read more »

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