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Eminent People

Eminent People of Kodava tribe have contributed immensely towards the growth of the Indian nation, despite them being in small numbers. Their most significant contributions are in the armed forces and in sports. Originally being land-owning militiamen farmers from Kodagu, hence their traditional twin occupations were as agriculturists and as soldiers. The distinguished among them had been local chieftains, palace officials, officers of the Raja’s army and brave battle veterans, therefore invariably having attained fame in either government service or in the local army.

Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know 

Manavattira Belliappa Kuttana is an Intel Fellow and Chief architect of the Intel Atom processor family for the platform Engineering Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for leading the architectural  definition of Intel Atom… read more »

Mandanervanda Rajeshwari (Rani Appanna) from Palur village, Kodagu was the first Kodava lady flying officer (pilot) of Indian Air force. Her father served as a Nursing Superintendent at Victorian Hospital Bangalore Family Father Mandanervanda Appanna… read more »

Mandepanda Dr Pushpa Kuttanna(PhD) was born on 12th December, 1949 in Kodagu.  As a sportsperson she was the first woman from South India to represent the country in Basketball probably she was the first women… read more »

Mandira Jaya Appanna, born on May 21st, 1942 at Bethugrama, near Napoklu was a renowned poet and author of various legendary works in kodava thakk and other languages like Kannada and English. Father Kondira Palangappa… read more »

Mandira Vivec Chengappa from Nelji, Kodagu was born and brought up in Bangalore. He is known for his excellence in public service. His involvement and proactive policing and engaging the public to learn their concerns… read more »

Mandovanda Kamaiah Ganesh a police officer from Kodagu is a DySP, State intelligence Bangalore. He is a  dedicated and hard working officer who was awarded for his meritorious service. Achievements He performed at VVIP security… read more »

Maneyapanda Appachu Muthanna, born in 1902, completed his education and joined Forest department in Mysore. At a very young age, he became famous for his service as a forest officer. Maneyapanda Appachu Muthanna uplifted the… read more »

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