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Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know are documented in this category

Bayavanda M Monnappa is an Eminent Entrepreneur from Bangalore  Family Father: Bayavanda Muthappa (Ravi) Mother: Bayavanda (Mookonda) Minny Parvathi Wife: Bayavanda (Bachetira) Pragathi Academics Monnappa went to school at VVS High School and MES PU… read more »

Gummattira  Kishoo Uthappa is a civil engineer by profession and an enterprising entrepreneur by passion! With an engineering degree from Mangalore University, he has the proud claim to more than 10 Million Sqft of construction…. read more »

Maletira (Ballyamanda)Shubha Kushalappa from Kedamullur, Kodagu is an entrepreneur who runs a successful business called Delight fills. She always had a love for baking and creates delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy. She is the… read more »

Monnanda Appaiah (Bhavish) a Business Leader from Kodagu is the Managing Director at Wienerberger India. He has over two decades of multidisciplinary experience focused primarily on the manufacturing sector. Since 2010 he has been heading… read more »

Dr. Kallappa Pattada is the leader of Boeing Research & Technology-India. He has over 25 years of experience in the aerospace, defense and automotive industry. At Boeing he manages a diverse portfolio of research and… read more »

Many  Kodavas youngsters are now spreading the information on youtube, the list of such channels administrated by kodavas are as follows.  Bipin Bopanna Biddatanda Deepak Thimaya CodavaNationalCouncil(CNC) Jeffrey Aiyappa Kaibalira Devaiah Kavya Devaiah Paleyanda  Kiran… read more »