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Festivals & Custom

Kodavas being majorly ancestor worshipers also developed a custom of praying to  different deities as Aiyappa, bhagavathy , choundi etc etc. Many such temples are are listed . Unlike recent temples which attract many tourist, these… read more »

Angakali/Angamuripa Angakali or ANGAMURIPA (ಅಂಗ ಮುರಿಪ) is Performed by Kembatti poleyas. This happens usually for the death of our Pattedaaras (The eldest of the clan). The village Kembatti Poleyas will take the Mukkali (stool with three… read more »

Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the folk  lore ballad Batté Paat Batté here refers to path/road . Kodavas sing Batté in many occasions , for instance while going to Manepaat ritual… read more »

One of the Baloo paats sung during the Bédha Changrandhi celebrations. this is called as “boomi thayek patta kattuva paat”  Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the ballad ” Bhoomithayee kh Patta… read more »

Beedha Changrandi We, the Kodava tribe, being hardcore farmers, treat the Earth as our mother. 3 days in a year our tribe would not hurt the Earth by digging, ploughing or any other way. About… read more »

About The beejo kall is a kitchen implement that was commonly found in the past in every Kodava household. It consists of two flat, circular stones placed in parallel. The lower one was immovable while… read more »

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