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Festivals & Custom

Angakali/Angamuripa Angakali or ANGAMURIPA (ಅಂಗ ಮುರಿಪ) is Performed by Kembatti poleyas. This happens usually for the death of our Pattedaaras (The eldest of the clan). The village Kembatti Poleyas will take the Mukkali (stool with three… read more »

Beedha Changrandi We, the Kodava tribe, being hardcore farmers, treat the Earth as our mother. 3 days in a year our tribe would not hurt the Earth by digging, ploughing or any other way. About… read more »

Bisu Changrandi Edamyar Ond, also known as Bisu Changrandi wherein the agriculture cycle starts in Kodagu. Kodavas follow the solar calendar and is observed in the mid – April. About On this day prayers are performed… read more »

About Kodava families before the Theerthodbhava would do “Bothu Kuthuvo” to their paddy field, house, cattle shed and Kala to claim the hold on these as their property. 6 feet tall bamboo poles or in… read more »

 The First Desktop Kodava calendar was created by Kodagu Heritage Pvt Ltd for the first time keeping Edamyar1 ( April 14th 2018) as the new year. A symbolic solar calendar by the Kodava Tribes are… read more »

The customs that are followed on a person’s death plays a vital role in Kodava community. Not everyone are cremated, few are buried. The main idea behind this is to show respect to the deceased… read more »

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