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Festivals & Custom

One of the Baloo paats sung during the Bisu Changrandhi celebrations Author  Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from Uyya Paat and Puthari Paat ancient ballads. Baloo Paat Bisu Changrandhi (Admyar Ondh) Meenyar Poakl Admyar Edhpl Neththi… read more »

Bisu Changrandi Edamyar Ond, also known as Bisu Changrandi wherein the agriculture cycle starts in Kodagu. Kodavas follow the solar calendar and is observed in the mid – April. About On this day prayers are performed… read more »

About Kodava families before the Theerthodbhava would do “Bothu Kuthuvo” to their paddy field, house, cattle shed and Kala to claim the hold on these as their property. 6 feet tall bamboo poles or in… read more »

Real Time Calendar The real time calendar with detailed birthdays death anniversaries festivals and other events are in real time calendar  on  www. Desktop  Calendar   The First Desktop Kodava calendar was created by Kodagu Heritage… read more »

The customs that are followed on a person’s death plays a vital role in Kodava community. Not everyone are cremated, few are buried. The main idea behind this is to show respect to the deceased… read more »

Author Mookonda Kushalappa Brief Biography Coluvanda Cariappa, was a Subedar and later Head Sheristadar of the Mercara taluk in Coorg. Madikeri was known as Mercara and Kodagu as Coorg in those days. The Head Sheristadar… read more »

Kodava wedding is one of the fun filled traditional ceremonies which are performed in the absence of Brahmin priests. There are various types of Mangala which were followed in the ancient times. Few among them… read more »

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