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Festivals & Custom

Essay Competition – Festivals of kodagu  As it is said kundath bettath neenda kudare parane banel tharuvo kudre……..  ,During the period of Lockdown in 2020   kodavaclan   had called for a competition from kodavas to… read more »

Coorg a small district is famous for folk dance and songs. There are varieties of dance forms where people across the nation often visit Coorg to enjoy these folk dances that proudly present the local… read more »

About We worship our ancestors as our main deity. The place where we revere them is called as Kaimada. Once in a year, especially on festive occasions, kaarona is offered meedi or sacrifice by killing fowls… read more »

About This is one of the customs followed after the chaavu padathi. In this padathi, food cooked on that day is offered to crows by husband /wife of the deceased person.  This offering is made… read more »

Kadh Kadh is referred to ear-head of paddy. This part is the central stem of the plant where tightly packed row of flowers grow. Eventually, these become edible seed. About On the day of Puthari… read more »

About Ages ago, it was believed that guns shouldn’t be used once you step to Naati Pani (Transplantation) until Kailpodh. But, one day before Kailpodh, guns were taken for Deva Bodi and Deva Bote. Ritual… read more »

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