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Festivals & Custom

About Kakkada is the fourth month in the Kodava Calendar, which extends from mid-July to mid- August. Kakkada Padnett is the 18th day of the Kakkada Month which usually falls on August 2nd or 3rd…. read more »

Kani Poojuvo Kani Poojuvo is the custom followed next day (before sunrise) after the theerthodbhava. The next day morning i.e. On 18th of October, all families would worship Mother Kavery. Some will keep Cucumber or Coconut… read more »

Karana there is the ritual performed in honor of the founder of the Okka, which is usually performed by a Banna or Maleya who gets into a trance, possessed by the spirit of the ancestor…. read more »

Kodavas observe 3 festivals at a grand scale. The first festival is Kailpod that comes after the transplantation of paddy i.e. on September 3rd. Next comes the festival of kavery Sankramana.  Shree Kavery is Kodavas… read more »

About Kole Adanga Sammanda is the Permanent rights that children get in their father’s clan when their mother becomes widow or gets separated from her husband. Relevances If a widow or the one who is… read more »

Kole Adanga Sammanda Muripa Padathi Relevances When a widow or the one who is separated from husband wishes to keep her children with her birth clan and if her husband’s family agree to this, then… read more »

Kullik Nippo Kullik Nippo is the rituals, pollution rites observed by members of the deceased person’s family during the day following the death until maadha ceremony that ends ritual. it is a part of the… read more »

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