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Festivals & Custom

Kodavas being majorly ancestor worshipers also developed a custom of praying to  different deities as Aiyappa, bhagavathy , choundi etc etc. Many such temples are are listed . Unlike recent temples which attract many tourist, these… read more »

Theare “Theare” is an ancient ritual form of worship, performed by a person belonging to a particular caste. Ritual They dress up for the role and are possessed by a revered ancestor or deity and… read more »

Theeke Nippo Custom Strict death related pollution rites observed by a deceased person’s wife or husband and by one or two close relatives of the deceased person

Thelineer About A plate with water, charcoal and little cooked rice.

Thirolo Oork oru Maadeva, Kerik oru Aiyappa, vodek oru naatha, Vonik oru Poodha, Vokkak oru guru Karona pinja Kuliya  are the typical guardians of the kodava tribes. These Spirits entering the body of human beings… read more »

United Kodava Organisation (UKO), an organisation aimed at protecting the interests of the Kodava people and people of Kodagu in the social, political and cultural fields. The unique Kodava community which had carved out a… read more »

About Yethe theare is held in the ainmane of Chenanda Okka at Kokeri. Story behind this theare Uthayya is the main and first person who stood for this Balyamane. Once when he was sitting alone,… read more »

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