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Flora And Fauna

Athi pann mara (Ficus glomerata Roxb) one of the native trees in Kodagu is  a large deciduous tree, which grows up to 15 m tall. It has a smooth bark,leaves are dark green in colour and the fruits are… read more »

Baage mara(Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth.) one of the native trees in Kodagu  is a deciduous tree which grows up to 25 m tall. It has grey violet bark,rusty brown breathing pores,rough and fissured. Flowers appear shortly after… read more »

“Kaamb” is referred to “Stem of a banana plant” in Kodava thakk. The edible tender, inside portion of the banana stem is cooked as a vegetable                  

Baenge mara(Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb.) one of the native trees in Kodagu is a deciduous tree which grows up to 30 m tall. Bark is grey or greyish-black, rough, deeply vertically cracked.Flowers are fragrant yellow in clusters. Kodava Baenge mara… read more »

Bairi mara (Ficus amplissima Smith) one of the native trees in Kodagu grows up to  to 25 m tall. A large spreading tree, sometimes with aerial roots and  greenish-grey, smooth bark. The fruit is red or purple when ripe. Kodava… read more »

Balanji (Acrocarpus fraxinifolius W. & A.) one of the native trees in Kodagu which grows up to 60 M tall. The stem is cylindrical with thin bark and light grey in colur. In the early spring,  as the… read more »

Bangi mara (Carallia brachiata Merrill) one of the native trees in kodagu  is a large tree occurs through out India.It grows to a height of 25 metres and often planted as ornamental tree.Its leaves are the food… read more »

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