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Flora And Fauna

Bhayya mara (Salix tetrasperma Roxb.) one of the native trees in Kodagu which grows up to 7 m tall. It is  commonly called Indian willow, is a medium-sized tree which grows on wet swampy places, shedding its leaves… read more »

Bodde Mara (Ardisia solanacea) one of the native trees in kodagu is a 1.5 to 6 meters high evergreen shrub or small tree. The thick branches are usually colored red. The bark is smooth and brown…. read more »

Bollandi (Lagerstroemia microcarpa Wt.) one of the native trees in kodagu grows up to 25 m tall. Bark is smooth and white in colour. It is known as “Nude Lady of the Forest” for its soft and smooth bark resembling… read more »

Bonne pann mara (Persea americana Miller) one of the native trees in kodagu  is a medium to large tree which grows 9-20 m in height. The avocado is classified as an evergreen, although some varieties lose their leaves for… read more »

 Boonake mara (Garcinia xanthocymus J. Hk. ex T. And) one of the native trees in Kodagu  which grows  up to 14 m tall. Bark is irregularly flaky, and the inner bark is blaze cream. Kodava Boonake mara Kannada Girgolli, Javanagehannu… read more »

Booti mara(Dalbergia latifolia Roxb.)one of the native trees in Kodagu is a large tree which grows up to 40 m tall. Bark is grey, smooth with short irregular cracks, exfoliating in thin fibrous longitudinal flakes.It is a… read more »

Chaand mara (Santalum album L) one of the native trees in Kodagu grows 4-9 m tall. It is  considered sacred in some religions and is used in different religious traditions. The tree starts to flower after 7 years and… read more »

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