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Location Nelji Features Achandira Ainmane is built on a high foundation with five steps leading up to the front yard and a Cowshed with a passage in the front of the Ainmane. Smoke stained gudi… read more »

Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about… read more »

Author Captain Robert Andrews Cole Publisher Wesleyan Mission Press Year of publication 1867 About the author Captain Robert Cole was born and educated in Madras, where his father Maj. Gen Robert Cole Sr., was a… read more »

Chikka Veerarajendra and the East India Company were at loggerheads since 1830. Governor-General William Bentinck, who was more interested in reforming India than in annexing new territories, had to finally deal with the Raja of… read more »

 The First Desktop Kodava calendar was created by Kodagu Heritage Pvt Ltd for the first time keeping Edamyar1 ( April 14th 2018) as the new year. A symbolic solar calendar by the Kodava Tribes are… read more »

Founded in the year 1968 Cauvery Education Society, Gonikoppal. Past Presidents Ajjikuttira.N. Somaiah             1968-1969 Chekkera.B. Muthanna           1969-1982 Ajjamada.K. Nachappa           1982-1983 Mukkatira.M. Chengappa   … read more »

The great day of the conclusion of funeral rites, arrives, the whole village community is again invited to a feast in honor of the departed and for the quiet of his soul, and thus the… read more »

One of the kodava album Chandooka was produced by Shakthi Melodies and the album was released during the early 80’s  Chandooka – Album  Producers Shakthi Melodies Singers Nanamanda Venu Mollera Jimmy Bhavani Bheemaiah Venu  Appadanda… read more »

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