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Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about 150 to 450 years ago, and have evolved over a period of earlier times. 

About the Okka Paradanda Okka is based out of Naladi, Kakkabe which is about 35 Kms from Madikeri. Ages ago, when Igguthappa, his two brothers and sister reached bank of Ambala River they were all… read more »

Madikeri Taluk Madikeri Hindustan Petroleum. Madikeri-Mangalore Road; Stuart Hill; Madikeri Phone: Detail Napokulu Hindustan Petroleum Chamundi Petroleum HPC Dealer; Survey No. 27/1; Bethu Village; Napoklu Detail Indian Oil Napoklu; Detail   Virajpet Taluk Virajpet Mohan… read more »

Physical Geography of Kodagu Forests The forests of Kodagu are divided naturally into deciduous and evergreen. The deciduous belt lies within 10 to 12 miles of the eastern boundary while finest evergreen trees are met… read more »

Besides the regular postal service with Offices at Mercara and Virajpet, there is a local post called Anche, originally established by the Rajahs and still principally used for official communication between the district functionaries and… read more »

Rao Bahadur Mukkatira  Aiyappa was one of the famous Kodava administrators during the British Era. He received the title “Rao Bahadur” as a personal distinction from the Viceroy and Governor General of India during the… read more »

Ages ago, a prince named Chadravarma was worshiping Goddess Parvathy on Brahmagiri hills. Parvathy promised him telling that she would appear in the form of a river for the benefit of humanity. During the churning… read more »

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